TUESDAY – 11/28/17

1:00 pm Positioning Your Farm Business for Successful Transition
Dick Wittman, Wittman Consulting
5:30 Partnerships in Ag Reception
Sponsored by Northern Ag Network, MGGA and Northern Pulse Growers
3:00-7:00 Exhibitor Set-Up  

WEDNESDAY – 11/29/17

7:00 am Welcome Breakfast
7:30 MWBC Program – Building World Markets for US Wheat
Vince Peterson, President US Wheat Associates
8:00 Montana State Hail Board Meeting
Montana Department of Ag
8:30 National Organization Reports
Gordon Stoner, Past President NAWG
Buzz Mattelin, Vice President NBGA
9:00 Trade Show Opening
10:00 MGGA Committee Meetings
12:00 Northern Ag Network Lunch
Ben Thomas, Director Montana Department of Ag
1:00 Ag Inside the Beltway
Chandler Goule, CEO NAWG
2:00 MSU Research Presentations

  • Integrated pest management of wheat stem sawfly – Weaver
  • Identifying & developing improved barley varieties for MT – Sherman
  • Using warm-season crops to enhance wheat based cropping systems – Carr
  • Durum varietal improvement & quality testing – Giroux
  • Assessment/management of preharvest sprout & FN – Stouggard
3:00 Trade Show Break
3:30 Montana Ag Safety Seminar
Les Graham, Montana Ag Safety Program
3:30 Breakout Sessions Room 1:
1. Pre-Biotic Technology & Soil Health – Ross Nielson, Business Dev., AgriGro
2. Organic Transitioning Q & A – Roy Benjamin, Shelby
3. Food Processing – Greg Thayer/Sam Schmidt, Montana Milling
4. What the MT Climate Assessment Has To Say About Ag – Bruce Maxwell, MSU
3:30 Breakout Sessions Room 2:
1. Wheat Quality & Milling – Chris Labbe, President, Kerr Pacific
2. Census of Agriculture – Eric Sommers, State Statistician, MT NASS
3. Disease Management in Field Crops – Dr. Mary Burrows, Plant Pathology, MSU
4. Stockman Exchange Deferred Payment Contracts – Powell Becker, Stockman Bank
6:00 Reception
Meadowlark Country Club
7:00 MT Wheat & Barley Committee 50th Anniversary Dinner
Meadowlark Country Club  

THURSDAY – 11/30/17

7:00 am Crop Insurance Industry Breakfast
7:30 The Impact Fear & Frustration are Having on Agriculture
Janice Person, Online Engagement Director, Monsanto
9:00 Trade Show Break
10:00 Changing Image of Agriculture
Julie Borlaug, VP Communications & Public Relations, Inari Agriculture Inc.
11:00 Effects of Humic Substances on Soil, Yield, Quality
Dr. Mir Mohammed Seyedbagheri, Professor Emeritus, University of Idaho
11:00 Making the Grade – Hands On Grain Grading Workshop
Greg Stordahl, Bureau Chief, MT State Grain Lab
12:00 KMON Radio Lunch
Winifred-Asbjornson Endowed Chair Report – Dr. Charles Boyer, MSU;
Dale Schuler, MGF
1:00 Bridging the Gap Between Genomics and Classical Breeding
Dr. Hikmet Budak, Winifred-Asbjornoson Plant Science Chair, MSU
1:30 Alternative Crops Panel Discussion
3:00 Closing Trade Show Break
3:30 MGGA Resolutions
5:30 MSU Reception
6:30 MGGA President’s Banquet & Reception
Music by Chuck Fulcher

FRIDAY – 12/1/17

8:00 am MGGA Board of Directors meeting