Bobo Jack for website

Jack A. Bobo

Having recently served at the U.S. Dept. of State as Senior Advisor for Global Food Policy, Bobo was responsible for developing and implementing U.S. trade policy related to new ag technologies and working with foreign governments to address regulatory barriers to U.S. ag exports. Bobo brings significant expertise to his new position as SVP Chief Communications Officer for Intrexon Corporation. His session titled, “Can Agriculture Save the Planet Before It Destroys It?” will examine global trends in food and agriculture, the interplay between food safety and public perception of risk and the key role of risk communication in addressing public perceptions.

 Burrows Dr Mary for website

Dr. Mary Burrows

MSU Plant Pathologist, Dr. Mary Burrows has become a familiar name to Montana growers over the years, responsible for applied research to address plant disease problems faced by Montana producers and to educate growers, extension agents, crop advisors and industry personnel about plant disease management in Montana. Her presentation will leave much time for Q&A as she addresses “What Went Wrong With My Crop This Year?” 

Cahill Charlie for website

Charlie Cahill

Is it an accurate perception that saved seed improves margins by cutting costs? As a NE Montana farmer and co-owner of Cahill Seeds in Scobey, MT, Charlie Cahill has the facts to back up his answer to that question. Cahill Seeds is one of the largest seed growers in Montana, with a customer base that has expanded to a wide area of Montana, North Dakota, and into Canada. Charlie’s presentation explains why the demand for certified seed has continued to grow and what to consider when choosing whether to plant bin-run or certified seed.

Curtis Frank for website

Frank Curtis 

This CEO of Limagrain Cereal Seeds moved from his native England to the U.S. in 2010 to launch Limagrain Cereal Seeds. For the past 35 years, Curtis’ roles with the Limagrain Group have included plant breeding, field research, product development, seed sales, senior management and marketing. Curtis will talk on the “Future of the Wheat Industry.”

Farver Shauna for website

Shauna Farver 

Shauna Farver describes herself as a stay-at-home mom, wife to a 4th generation Montana farmer and rancher, agvocate, bookkeeper and farm hand extraordinaire. She and her husband Terry raise wheat, barley, peas, lentils, corn and hay on their farm near Scobey and run a herd of Angus cow/calf pairs. Shauna is a Wheat Advocate for the National Wheat Foundation, actively promoting the issues and activities important to the wheat industry, and is the host of “Living the MonDak” radio show. As an agvocate, Shauna posts real stories about farm life on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. She will share with attendees her experience on how to get the real farm message out to the general public.

Fick Manuel for website

Manuel Fick/Sanna Marie Grobler

USA Farm Labor is a Farm Worker Placement Firm assisting American employers in finding legal, reliable, qualified, English-speaking, foreign farm workers for your seasonal farming needs. CEO Manuel Fick will be joined by Sanna Marie Grobler, a recruiting agent from Pretoria, South Africa, to fill producers in on the latest H2A regulations and employer issues with hiring out-of-country workers. 

Gatzemeier Chuck for website

Chuck Gatzemeier

Chuck is a certified crop advisor and an NRCS Technical Services Provider, who also owns CG Ag Consulting in Cut Bank, an independent consulting company specializing in providing precision ag solutions for Montana growers. Chuck will emcee the Tuesday micronutrient workshop and also do a presentation on micronutrients in Montana crops, majoring on cereal grains. 

Gold Mark for website

Mark Gold

Gold is President and CEO of Top Third Marketing and a former 20-year member of CBOT, where he was a pit trader and floor broker. A regular guest analyst on Ag Day TV, Market to Market and the U.S. Farm Report, his twice-daily grain marketing comments are featured on AgWeb. His presentation, “Marketing Strategies in Any Marketing Climate,” educates attendees to become better marketers with discipline, not speculating or getting emotional, tracking basis, using options and provides an up-to-the-minute marketing plan each attendee could use with a local broker or elevator.

 Graham Les for website

Les Graham/Jim Larson

The Montana Ag Safety Program encourages workers and employers to create a philosophy of workplace safety by raising awareness and implementing a safety program for all employees and employers. According to Les Graham and Jim Larson, presenters of the program, attending the Wednesday hour-long presentation qualifies you for a 4% discount on your Workers’ Compensation premium.

Jones Dr Clain for website

Dr. Clain Jones

As an Extension soil fertility specialist with MSU’s Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, Clain’s Tuesday presentation will address “Micronutrient Principles.” His career interests include evaluating the processes that control nutrient availability and educating extension agents, crop advisors, farmers, ranchers and homeowners on soil fertility issues. Currently Clain’s research focuses on nitrogen and phosphorus availability in both no-till and tilled systems.

Karamonos Dr Rigas for website

Dr. Rigas Karamanos

Koch Agronomic Services’ Senior Agronomist brings a wealth of knowledge to the Tuesday agronomic workshop, holding an MS and a doctorate in Soil Chemistry. Karamanos taught at the University of Saskatchewan and McGill University for over ten years, served as the Senior Research Laboratory and Agronomist with Esso Chemical, Director of the Saskatchewan Soil Testing Enviro-Test Laboratories Saskatoon.  He joined the KAS team from Viterra where he was a Manager of Agronomic Solutions. He will address “Micronutrient Management.” 

Neiffer Paul for website

Paul Neiffer

An Agribusiness Certified Public Accountant and business advisor with Clifton, Larson, Allen, Neiffer who specializes in income taxation and accounting services related to farmers and processors. Tax reform for large international companies will also affect Montana grain producers and Neiffer will provide an update on how all of these measures might affect your operation (both the good and bad parts to tax reform).  His presentation will also cover any new tax measures that will affect your operation for 2015/2016.

Paul Dave for website

Dave Paul

The Malt Barley Endorsement is a new crop insurance plan that replaces all previous federal malt barley crop insurance beginning with the 2016 crop year. It will allow growers to insure at actual contract value, harmonize quality losses to match malt buyer specifications, and do away with the confusing Option A and Option B programs. Margin Protection, available to Montana spring wheat growers for the 2016 crop year, will provide coverage based on an expected margin (revenue less input costs). Dave Paul, retired regional RMA director and currently national director of MPCI at Watts & Associates, will offer a full overview of the new programs.  

Peterson Vince for website

Vince Peterson

Mr. Vince Peterson is employed at U S Wheat Associates in the position of Vice President of Overseas Operations since August 2004. He was the former regional vice president for Europe. He has devoted 30 years exclusively to the U.S. wheat industry, the last 18 years dedicated to developing wheat export markets for U.S. Wheat Associates. His presentation during the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee program will address world wheat markets.  

Tindal Dr Terry for website

Dr. Terry Tindall

Dr. Terry Tindall Ph.D is the senior agronomist at J.R. Simplot Company and also a certified crop advisor. Dr. Tindall’s presentation discusses yield reduction in cereal grains due to micronutrient deficiency and how chelated micronutrients allow absorption of those nutrients that wasn’t available without chelation.

Vance David

David Vance

David Vance is Vice President of Technical Sales Development for Verdesian Life Sciences. David will be speaking at Tuesday’s workshop on the efficiency difference of soil-applied and foliar application of micronutrients.