Working for You

Each month we provide some key areas where MGGA leaders and staff have been working on your behalf. Here is a sampling of important issues and activities for March 2017:

  • MGGA officers and staff participated in board meetings of the National Association of Wheat Growers during Commodity Classic in San Antonio, TX. A special reception was held to honor and thank Gordon Stoner, Outlook, a past president of MGGA, for his year of service as NAWG President.
  • MGGA testified on several bills at the Montana legislature in Helena including support for SB 155 to allow consistency of agricultural seed regulation by the state; SR 49 to confirm Ben Thomas as Director of the Montana Department of Agriculture; HB 126 to revise the Montana pesticides act; HB 614 to allow a property tax exemption for pulse processing equipment; and opposition to SB 328 to increase the excise tax on beer.
  • MGGA Treasurer Lyle Benjamin, Directors Charlie Bumgarner and Mitch Konen and Executive Vice President Lola Raska met with Marni Walter, Risk Management Specialist from Billings RMA and Claire White, Product Administration and Standards Division from Kansas City RMA to discuss concerns about how Federal Crop handles quality losses for wheat and barley. Following the grower meeting, Walter and White met with a small group of crop insurance agents who are associate members of MGGA.
  • MGGA staff manned a booth, visited with legislators and sponsored an all-Montana meal during the Ag Appreciation Legislative Luncheon in the capitol rotunda in Helena in celebration of National Ag Week.
  • During the annual FFA Convention in Great Falls, MGGA Treasurer Lyle Benjamin conducted interviews with potential state officers; and staff helped to judge a student competition. MGGA sponsors the Agronomy Career Development Event each year.
  • Executive Vice President Lola Raska talked about MGGA as part of an agricultural association round-robin interview session with Rick Haines, KMON, during National Ag Week.
  • Senator Steve Daines attended a round table meeting hosted by MGGA to discuss federal regulations, executive orders and opportunities for growth for Montana agriculture.