Supporting MGGA’s annual convention makes good sense

    • Plenty of time to network with attendees
        • Exposure to more than 800 wheat and barley producers and agribusiness decision makers
        • Two trade show breaks per day plus two evening receptions allow more exhibitor-producer interaction
    • Your business name in the convention program, trade show & sponsor guide, on-line sponsor page linked to your website, two issues of the Montana Grain News, vocal billing and signage at each sponsored event
  • To¬†register as an exhibitor or sponsor,¬†click here
So many choices of how to sponsor….find a fit for your business
(partial sponsorships are also available)
Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Dick Wittman Workshop (Filled)
Afternoon Workshop Break (Filled)
Beer at Partnership Reception (Filled)
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Welcome Breakfast (Filled)
Morning Trade Show Break (Filled)
Afternoon Trade Show Break (Filled)
Northern Ag Network Lunch (Filled)
MWBC Anniversary Dinner at Meadowlark Ctry Club (Filled)
Drinks at Anniversary Dinner (Filled)
Chandler Goule $1,500
MSU Research Presentations $1,500
Breakout Speakers – Room 1 (Filled)
Breakout Speakers – Room 2 $1,500
Montana Ag Safety Seminar (Filled)
Thursday, November 30, 2017
Crop Insurance Industry Breakfast $500/Crop Ins. Company
Morning Trade Show Break (Filled)
Afternoon Trade Show Break (Filled)
KMON Radio Lunch (Filled)
President’s Banquet (Filled)
Banquet/Reception Drink Tickets (Filled)
Banquet Entertainment (Filled)
Janice Person (Filled)
Julie Borlaug $1,500
Dr. Mir Mohammed Seyedbagheri (Filled)
Grain Grading Workshop $1,500
Hikmet Budak $1,500
Alternative Crops Panel $1,500
Endless Soda Fountain (Filled)
Endless Coffee/Tea (Filled)
Back Cover of Program Ad (Filled)
Inside Front Cover of Program Ad (Filled)
Inside Back Cover of Program Ad (Filled)
Inside Front Page Ad (Filled)
Inside Back Page Ad (Filled)
Trade Show Guide Back Cover Ad (Filled)
Audio Visual (Filled)
Registration Envelopes (Filled)
Lanyards (Filled)