Supporting MGGA’s annual convention makes good sense

    • Plenty of time to network with attendees
        • Exposure to more than 800 wheat and barley producers and agribusiness decision makers
        • Two trade show breaks per day plus two evening receptions allow more exhibitor-producer interaction
    • Your business name in the convention program, trade show & sponsor guide, on-line sponsor page linked to your website, two issues of the Montana Grain News, vocal billing and signage at each sponsored event
  • To¬†register as an exhibitor or sponsor,¬†click here
So many choices of how to sponsor….find a fit for your business
(partial sponsorships are also available)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Dick Wittman Workshop $3,000
Afternoon Workshop Break $750
Beer at Partnership Reception $2,000
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Welcome Breakfast $2,500
Morning Trade Show Break $1,000
Afternoon Trade Show Break $750
Northern Ag Network Lunch $2,500
MWBC Anniversary Dinner at Meadowlark Ctry Club $2,500
Drinks at Anniversary Dinner $2,000
Chandler Goule $1,500
MSU Research Presentations $1,500
Breakout Speakers – Room 1 $1,500
Breakout Speakers – Room 2 $1,500
Montana Ag Safety Seminar $1,500
Thursday, November 30, 2017
Crop Insurance Industry Breakfast $500/Crop Ins. Company
Morning Trade Show Break $1,000
Afternoon Trade Show Break $750
KMON Radio Lunch $2,500
President’s Banquet $2,500
Banquet/Reception Drink Tickets $1,500
Banquet Entertainment $750
Janice Person $1,500
Julie Borlaug $1,500
Dr. Mir Mohammed Seyedbagheri $1,500
Grain Grading Workshop $1,500
Hikmet Budak $1,500
Alternative Crops Panel $1,500
Endless Soda Fountain $750 ea day
Endless Coffee/Tea $750 ea day
Back Cover of Program Ad $1,000
Inside Front Cover of Program Ad $750
Inside Back Cover of Program Ad $750
Inside Front Page Ad $750
Inside Back Page Ad $750
Trade Show Guide Back Cover Ad $1,000
Audio Visual $2000
Registration Envelopes $750
Lanyards (Filled)