spccdieselfuelWhat is SPCC?

The Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) program is designed to prevent oil/fuel spills from damaging our water, land and natural resources.

It requires certain facilities, including farms, to develop and implement a site-specific plan designed to prevent, contain or control oil/fuel discharges from reaching navigable waters of the United States. By May 10, 2013, farms and other facilities must have on-site an SPCC plan to prevent an oil spill and a plan for cleanup and mitigation following the occurrence of a spill.

Update June 2014: WRRDA Bill Passes, Includes SPCC Language

The Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) of 2014 has been signed into law and includes important provisions which will help reduce the burden of EPA requirements for on-farm oil storage. Farms located where an accidental oil spill could reasonably be expected to discharge into waters of the United States must still comply with SPCC regulations, but those with less than 2,500 gallons aggregate aboveground oil storage capacity, and no history of a spill, are permanently exempt from the EPA regulation. Farms with up to 6,000 gallons aggregate capacity are temporarily exempt pending the completion of a study looking at permanent exemption options based on a ‘significant risk of discharge to water’.

Farms can self-certify if their aggregate above-ground capacity is between 6,000 and 20,000 gallons; there is no individual tank greater than 10,000 gallons; and there has been no reported spill. A professional engineer is required to certify a plan on farms where there is an individual tank larger than 10,000 gallons; or an aggregate capacity of more than 20,000 gallons; or if there has been a reported spill. Containers that are 1,000 gal or less do not have to be counted toward the aggregate.

SPCC Regulations Previous language New language (adopted)
Containers to exclude Less than 55 gal 1,000 gal or less
Permanently exempt Less than 1,320 gal aggregate Less than 2,500 gal aggregate
Exempt pending study n/a Less than 6,000 gal aggregate
Self-certify If single tank < 5,000 and aggregate < 10,000 gal, and no reported spill If single tank < 10,000 and aggregate < 20,000 gal, and no reported spill
Professional engineer If single tank > 5,000 or aggregate > 10,000 gal, or reported spill If single tank > 10,000 or aggregate > 20,000 gal, or reported spill

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(to be updated as EPA implements the new provisions)